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In Paul’s famous section on “The Armour of God” in Ephesians 6, he mentions various parts of the Roman soldier’s equipment. He highlights the belt, then breastplate, footwear, shield, helmet and sword. Each part represents important Biblical qualities: truth, righteousness, Gospel, faith, salvation and the Word. 

In the same context which deals with spiritual warfare which is not against flesh and blood, Paul also includes prayer “…on all occasions, all kinds of prayers…for all the saints”  as well as words from his mouth which “will fearlessly make known the mystery of the Gospel”, this inspite of being in chains. We could refer to these as words to God (prayer) and words to men (proclamation/evangelism). Although these are not part of a soldier’s equipment, Paul surely intended for us to know they were also critical aspects of Kingdom work.

Recently my wife and I were at Jewel, our airport’s latest magnificent attraction. Milling with the crowd at a vantage point looking onto the manmade waterfall, many were trying to take a picture of the amazing sight with lush greenery and the inter-terminal train in the background. One young couple were taking each other’s pictures in front of this scene, so I offered to take a shot of both together. After the snap, I asked where they were from and they said “Bulgaria” after which I asked if they were enjoying their visit to SG. The man was full of praise for the physical environment of SG as well as the breathtaking playground of Jewel. I was going to say that God was important too, but the conversation drifted, and I neglected to share a relevant slice of Kingdom truth. It was only after I walked away from the couple that I realised I had missed a God-sent opportunity to plant a Gospel seed in this couple’s minds. I had not done what Paul had exhorted in Ephesians 6: speak words of the Gospel to men. After all how often did I have a chance to proclaim spiritual truth to Bulgarians in Singapore? Sadly it was a missed opportunity.

It is one thing to read the Biblical exhortation to evangelize. It is another thing to be prepared to speak for the Lord in spontaneous situations. It is yet another to accomplish it in a clear, fearless and timely way. 

Ps Graham

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