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The pursuit of happiness

As I was growing up, one of the things we had to do in school was recite our national pledge and there was one line of the pledge that always stood out to me. It goes like this: “so as to achieve happiness, prosperity and progress for our nation.” The purpose of building Singapore is so that we, as a people, can be happy, rich and constantly improve.

The pursuit of happiness is, of course, not unique to Singapore. One of the more famous lines in the American Declaration of Independence goes like this:

“We hold these truths to be self-evident, that all men are created equal, that they are endowed by their Creator with certain unalienable Rights, that among these are Life, Liberty and the pursuit of Happiness.”

The Declaration of Independence argues that all of us have the right to desire happiness and to do the things that make us happy.

Yet, as many of us would readily admit, happiness isn’t easy to find. We try to find it in our relationships, our work, our possessions and our families, but so often, we are left disappointed and frustrated. Why is happiness so elusive? And where can true and lasting happiness be found?

At our church, Bethesda Christian Centre, from 17 Aug to 28 Sept, we’ll be thinking hard at our Young Adults Group (YAG) about the topic of happiness. Our mission, over those two months, is to answer this question: “Where can true and lasting happiness be found?” To this end, we’ll be doing this series called “Life Explored”.

Life Explored is a series of videos and Bible studies that seeks to answer the question of happiness. It examines the many things that we try to find happiness in and probes into why we ultimately don’t find happiness in them. It looks at the Bible and tries to reason where such true and lasting happiness can be found.

I’m really excited about this series because happiness is something everyone wants. It doesn’t matter whether we are religious or whether we’ve read the Bible, all of us can identify with the desire to find happiness.

So, it’ll be a great opportunity to talk with each other about our pursuit of happiness and to see if the Bible gives any answers to the questions that we face. If you’re available on any Saturday between 17 Aug and 28 Sept, from 3.30pm to 5pm, please feel free to come and join us at Bethesda Christian Centre (11 Woodlands Close, #03-40). Do register with Grace at 96981098 so that we can cater enough cake and coffee for you.


We would love to explore life together with you as we journey through Life Explored!


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