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Has it occurred to you that the COH nation-wide rallies are a test for the churches in Singapore? And it seems to me there are various components to this test. Firstly it is a test of willingness: are we willing to partner with other churches and denominations which may be quite different from us in terms of practice, forms of worship or leadership? A test of generosity – whether we are willing to give towards the costs of this huge effort? A test of unity – are we prepared to pray together and be equipped for evangelism regardless of denomination? A test of effort – are we prepared to toil and pray for the lost, even those who are from a different culture, and to strengthen the church of the future through the children’s/families outreach?

What will God see as we work towards this major spiritual event which could dramatically enlarge His Kingdom not just among English-speaking residents, but also Mandarin and Tamil speakers, both citizens as well as guest workers not to mention children and families as well? Will God smile at our responses, as He sees us working, evangelizing and subsequently discipling our friends, neighbours, relatives or colleagues after the rallies are over? Every bit of effort counts whether on a personal, local church or denominational level.

As a regular tennis player, I have experienced different weather conditions. Sometimes it rains and we have to stop playing, wait for the rain to stop, then mop the court. To do this we use “pushers” (a light device on wheels with a wide rubber blade) to push the water off the surface so it will dry faster. We could also use rollers which are like long cylindrical sponges to soak up the water. I have seen players use their legs (with their tennis shoes on) to push the water off to the side. Some rollers don’t roll properly and some pushers are uneven, but I believe every effort using any tool helps to get the courts dry so we can resume playing.

In the same way, whether we befriend and invite our friends to COH, or pray for them, whether we give a Bible, tract, Christian DVD or share our personal stories over coffee – the point is to get the Gospel across to as many people in Singapore as possible. Every bit we do helps to spread the Good News of Jesus Christ. As Paul the apostle says in I Corinthians 15:58 “Always give yourselves fully to the work of the Lord, because you know that  your labour in the Lord is not in vain.”  May God be honoured through COH this month, both in our actions and our attitudes.

Pastor Graham

BCC Vision

“Like a tree planted by
streams of water,
which yields its fruit in 

(Psalm 1:3)

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