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“I vow on my life to keep my promise”

As a parent, I regularly make promises to my son, Nathan

“I promise to bring you to watch Captain Marvel this week.”

“I promise to buy you a new pair of football boots today.”

“I promise to organize a party on your birthday day.”

But sometimes to my shame, I forget the promises that I have made. My son will usually takes it upon himself to remind me of them. My failure to remember and keep my promises show that sometimes I do not take the promises I make very seriously.

But for God, things are very different. God takes his promises very seriously. In Genesis 15, God said that if He fails to keep his promises to Abraham, then He will be destroyed. God guaranteed his promises with His very existence.

Abraham was worried if God was able to keep His promises. In Genesis 15:2 – 4, God promised that Abraham will be a great nation, but at that moment, Abraham was still childless. In Genesis 15:7 – 8, God promised Abraham a great land, but Abraham had yet to take possession of the land and the land was already filled strong and powerful peoples.

Abraham’s expression of doubt was not met with a rebuke, but an amazing display of commitment and reassurance. God got Abraham to set up a traditional covenant cutting ceremony. In Abraham’s day, when an agreement or a covenant was reached between both parties, animals are cut into half and both parties walk in-between the cut animals. By walking through, both parties were saying symbolically to each other that if they fail to keep the agreement / covenant, they will be cut into half, like the animals.

This covenant cutting ceremony between Abraham and God had one critical difference: only God walked through the cut animals. Abraham was sleeping! (Genesis 15:12, 17) God’s action of walking alone told Abraham that the responsibility of fulfilling the covenant fell on God and God alone. Abraham did not have to contribute in any way. Furthermore, God guaranteed that He will keep the covenant, or risk His own destruction.

What an amazing God we have! He is a God of grace – we don’t contribute anything to God’s promises. He is a God who keeps His faithfulness – He is faithful to the very end.

We see God’s grace most clearly at the cross of Christ. Jesus Christ was sent by God 2000 years ago to die for our sins on the cross. He paid the price for our rebellion, so that we could enjoy God’s forgiveness and a new relationship with God. Salvation is purely by God’s grace. Not what we did, but on Jesus’ finished work at the cross.

The cross also demonstrated God’s faithfulness to keep His promises at great cost to himself. In order to bring the children of Abraham into his perfect kingdom, God’s holiness demanded a perfect sacrifice and only God himself could supply such a sacrifice – His only Son. So as God walked through the cut animals some 4000 years ago, God surely knew what was needed to keep His promises to Abraham – the cutting up of His own Son. Yet God still kept His promises because He is our loving and faithful God – determined to save His people of their rebellion and sin.

So this Easter, as we contemplate the meaning of the cross, let us remember that whatever life brings, our God is gracious and faithful. He promises to save those who trust in Jesus Christ and He always keeps His promises.


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