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Recently I heard a Christian say that he was happy being alone and it would not matter if he had no friends. This started me thinking about the importance of social interaction and support. Is it good to think we can survive on our own, alone?

Aloneness was not something considered good by God Gen 2.18. This physical solitariness led to Him providing a companion/wife for Adam in the person of Eve. Not only did God provide a wife, He also provided children - Cain, Abel and Seth, the first family. Subsequently Noah and his family were saved from the flood then produced another generation he in Genesis 6-9. Many OT events and lessons were centred around families.

In the New Testament, Jesus had 12 disciples who worked with Him in Kingdom work. Saul who was blinded on the road to Damascus, was followed up by Ananias, but Ac 9:7 says the men who travelled with him, “led him by the hand.” In Acts 13 we find a team of leaders in Antioch caring for the church, and from their number, Paul and Barnabas were together commissioned for their missionary travels. We don’t see any Biblical “Lone Rangers” and if you followed the comic strip from yesteryear, even the Lone Ranger had a companion named Tonto. In Romans 16, the apostle Paul mentions thirty some names, all of whom made up the house church he was writing to, each one a testimony of God’s grace in their lives. Each was commended differently but nonetheless they had been brought together by grace, for good works in Rome. In short, it seems God’s plan is for us to be in physical and spiritual families so that we can be nurtured and mutually encouraged. 

Today, God also gives us our spiritual family, ie fellow believers who make up the body of Christ. This is the local church (the group of believers, not the building) whom we meet with every Sunday for worship and mutual edification. This is the “spiritual support system” God has given us so that we might journey with and grow together into Jesus-like maturity.  Just as we enjoy the security our physical families, so we are placed in spiritual families for security and a nurturing environment to become all God intends us to be. 

One church I recently visited constantly articulates through their pastors, that all who are present at worship are part of the spiritual family. Again and again we hear them say several times during the service:  “You Belong Here!” This is backed up by the worshipers greeting newcomers before and after the services. It is heartening to see people of various cultures, age groups and nationalities interacting. In the worship team, we see musicians & singers of different ages and cultures serving together. Each of the three pastors and their spouses are from different countries.

So if we belong together in the local church, what should our attitudes be? Commitment to our Saviour and to one another, full-hearted involvement in those activities which nurture our faith eg, small/cell groups, and a loving environment where spiritual babies are nurtured to become life long, faithful and fruitful disciples. This vital disciplemaking process must be done not just by one or two “spiritual big brothers/sisters”, it needs the whole faith community to get involved. 

Have you seen how a few days old baby is welcomed home? Not only do the parents help to get the place ready, the whole family also rallies around to feed, burp, bathe, change and cuddle the little one. In the same way, everyone in the local church is needed to rally round to help encourage, pray for and journey alongside these spiritual babies.

In the light of the upcoming Celebration of Hope meetings at the National Stadium in 2 months’ time where a huge harvest is expected, we must be ready to disciple new believers thoroughly and faithfully. Let us be a loving spiritual family to them.

Pastor Graham

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