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This month BCC focuses on Missions – proclaiming the Gospel to those in other countries or cultures who have never heard it. There are several parts to this seemingly simple definition.

  1. We must be convinced that those who have not heard the Gospel will be lost – eternally separated from God if they do not hear about Jesus and establish a relationship with Him. Acts 1:8 commands u to be witnesses not only “in Jerusalem” (our turf), but also in “Judea, Samaria and to the ends of the earth.” In other words, from where we are to the rest of the world, in ever-expanding circles.
  2. But to establish that relationship with Jesus, they have to hear about Who He is, and what He has done for them. This requires that those who go to other countries for missions must have a good grasp of the Gospel in their own language, and then learn the language of their receiving country. This will take time and effort to learn the language as well as culture, and to be able to use it to communicate competently, courteously and relevantly.
  3. Relationships must be established so that the Gospel can “travel” along those relationships by words and actions. Again this takes effort to build whether in work, community, social or recreational contexts. Trust requires journeying over time as people do life together. Trust is earned through circumstances and interaction.
  4. Sharing the Gospel is not just something we talk about, we have to live it out as well. This requires godliness, daily obedience to the Word, authenticity, integrity and a degree of maturity to accept our frailty and dependence on God’s grace. A whole village may be watching you and your family!
  5. If someone hears and receives the Gospel, that person needs to be discipled so that they can disciple others, who will in turn disciple others… This disciplemaking process requires prayer, effort and time in order to nurture faithful lives. Then the new believers need to be gathered together to form a viable body of Christ – a newly planted local church.
  6. Such a local church then requires leaders, a regular place to meet and some organization, as well as finances to sustain the corporate activities. Depending on the context these developments may evoke some hostility towards this new body of believers meeting together publicly. Local authorities may be called in to suppress their activities. Urgent prayer is needed by the local team which must be provided by the home church. 
  7. As local believers mature, they will realize the weight of Acts 1:8 (as the sending church realized) that they too must be concerned about the unreached in other districts locally as well as overseas. Then the work of missions continues and the Kingdom multiples as Jesus intended.

If you are thinking “This is far from simple!” – good! Because it is. Satanic opposition, human frailty, disobedience, reluctance to partner, ignorance and sheer reluctance are just some obstacles to missions on a worldwide scale, as commanded by our Lord. May God grant us grace and perseverance to see – as He did – a lost world, and to do something of eternal significance about it.

Pastor Graham


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