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This past month has given us several leadership cameos. We saw Malaysia’s former Prime Minister Dr Mahathir Mohammed’s courageous political comeback to lead a cobbled group of opposition parties to victory in the country’s general elections. At 92 he overcame many obstacles and is presently forming a new cabinet to reform his country’s battered image. 

Then we recently saw how US President Donald Trump (impulsively?) cancelled a planned summit in Singapore between him and North Korean leader Kim Jong Un. In earlier tweets, President Trump called the North Korean leader “Rocket Man” and constantly threatened military action.

This week, French President Emmanuel Macron rewarded an illegal overstayer with instant French citizenship for scaling four storeys of an apartment block to rescue a toddler dangling from a balcony. 

In the Bible some leaders were admirable but most were fallible. King David coveted a beautiful woman, committed adultery with her as well as orchestrated the murder of her husband. Moses lost his temper. Jonah the prophet ran away in the opposite direction when God called him to preach in Ninevah. Paul and Barnabas quarreled and went separate ways on the mission field. Nehemiah heard God’s call, returned to Jerusalem and rebuilt the wall by rallying his countrymen and renewing their zeal.

Then there is the example of Jesus Christ who lived a life of holy integrity as a loving Leader. His mission on earth was to seek and save the lost. He taught with godly wisdom, extended grace and mercy, forgiving his men again and again when they messed up, yet He did not hesitate to rebuke them when necessary. In times of need, He sought power and strength from above. In times of personal crisis, He trusted Himself to His Heavenly Father. Although He was sinless, He did not retaliate when He was betrayed, arrested and beaten. He even allowed Himself to be crucified in accordance with God’s Plan for the salvation of humanity. With His dying breath He forgave those who plotted against Him. He did not serve self-centred purposes but that of His heavenly Father. 

Which earthly leader would sacrifice himself for the sake of his enemies? Jesus did. “While we were still sinners, Christ died for us.” (Romans 5:8). We are all sinners, but Jesus willingly gave his life as a ransom for many (Mark 10:45). All leaders secular and religious would do well to learn from Jesus Christ.

Pastor Graham


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