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We praise God for our 31st church anniversary this month. I Peter 2:4-8 is a key passage about the church’s identity and purpose: who she is and what she has been called to do in our society.

1. The Living Stone v4 is a reference to Jesus Christ who is described as being “chosen by God and precious to Him”. He is a “chosen and precious cornerstone” v 6 as quoted from Isaiah 28:16. Cornerstones were used in Bible times to align two walls so they would meet accurately at the corner of the building. Without this cornerstone, the building could not be properly built. In God’s eyes, Jesus is therefore the indispensable part which unites the whole building. Also the cornerstone was not just a random boulder or rock. It was a “dressed” stone meaning it had been cut to specific purpose, prepared for a special function in the overall scheme of the building. It had a unique role in God’s salvation blueprint.

2. Although chosen by God, it could be rejected by men v4b. Two responses towards Jesus are always possible: believe in Him, or not believe in Him v 7. Trusting in this precious stone will result in never being put to shame v 6c. But rejecting this precious stone will result in men stumbling and falling v 8. In other words there are consequences for accepting or rejecting this chosen cornerstone, ie Jesus Christ.

3. Those who believe are to be like Living Stones v 5 (notice the plural “stones” as compared to Jesus who is described as a singular Living Stone). We are to be “clones” of the Living Stone, becoming like Him daily and then being used by Him to be living stones which are built upon Him into a “spiritual house to be a holy priesthood”. We are each a “building block” in our assigned role in building the spiritual building, His church. Each believer is like an Old Testament priest – a mediator representing God before the people, and representing the people before God. In this respect we copy Jesus Christ the “one mediator between God and men, the man Christ Jesus, who gave himself as a ransom for all men” (I Tim 2:5f). Like Him we stand between God and man as His ambassadors, spokespersons and peacemakers.

4. Our characteristics as God’s special people are described in v 9a: chosen people, royal priesthood, holy nation, belonging to God. Each word is ripe with meaning. Chosen: unique out of all the nations of the earth. Royal: belonging to God’s royal family. Holy: describing ourselves as distinct from other people in terms of godly values and behaviour. Belonging: no longer insecure and lacking identity, but living with His mark on us. In totality, we are greatly privileged! 

5. Our key purpose is found in v 9b: to declare the praises of Him who called us out of darkness into His wonderful light. This means in particular, opening our mouths like heralds, proclaiming boldly that great rescue which Jesus effected in evacuating us from the kingdom of Satan’s darkness and bondage, and transferring us into His Kingdom of light, life and peace, the means of which was His sacrificial death on the Cross, once for all, for all people, everywhere. The church could do many things, but declaring/proclaiming/evangelizing must not be neglected.

According to Mark Dever (9 Marks), healthy churches are those that increasingly reflect the character of God. May these reflections from the Bible help us to become a more God-pleasing church.

Pastor Graham


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