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Our homes are a gift from God. They are not only meant for shelter and rest, they should also be used for ministry. The word “ministry” in the Bible usually means “to serve”. How can our homes be places of service?

One obvious way is to offer hospitality. Apart from offering our homes for Cell Group meetings or Bible Studies, we can just invite people over, make them feel comfortable and watch relationships grow.  Sometimes we are deterred from offering our homes because we think we must provide lavish food or expensive refreshments. I think simple refreshments would be quite adequate. What is more important is the warmth of welcome, and the desire that the Lord God be honoured through the fellowship of those attending.

We could also open our homes to missionaries and Christian workers needing a place of retreat to be alone with God, to recharge their spiritual batteries. You could offer a room or two – to a missionary on furlough or to a family close to burnout who could have a refuge of sorts. You could provide simple meals for them while they rested and allowed the Holy Spirit to renew or even heal them spiritually and emotionally, in order to return refreshed to the mission field or ministry. Or you could offer your home to them when you are away for your own holidays.

Homes are not overtly “religious” buildings like churches are.  I believe that non-church friends would be more open to attending an event in a home rather than come to the church premises, for homes provide a more relaxed atmosphere and therefore promotes fun. More importantly the conversations may become deeper sharing in a cosy setting, and some may come a step or two closer to Jesus. Youths may need a place to just have a meal and “chill” together. Here is the soil in which Christian commitment and deeper fellowship can grow in homely surroundings.

Occasionally we could also have social events to bring together a mix of church and non-church friends/newcomers to our church. Each Christmas season my family organises a dinner which includes carol-singing, Bible reading and a short devotion which points to the significance of Jesus’ coming.oHolHoHol We believe the home environment can help break the ice and lead to genuine openness. As each family member invites a friend or two, we get to know each other’s friends, which is important for intergenerational interaction. Perhaps you and your cell group, or a few church couples could plan a Christmas do this year in someone’s home with the intention of helping everyone hear about Jesus’ birth?  Or maybe consider holding a special home dedication service to thank God for His provision.

One spin-off is that as parents prepare for such events, our children will be able to contribute to these occasions, and prayerfully catch the spirit of hospitality and learn to share their future homes with others as well. As has been rightly said, “Godly attitudes are caught rather than taught.”

Finally sharing your home is good stewardship. It is a way of acknowledging that what we have is God-given and therefore to be used for God’s purposes and glory, not just for personal benefit.

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