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Membership is not as important as discipleship. Worshipers may come and go, they may attend for awhile and then slip off to another church. They may move overseas, or relocate to another district and then look for a church nearer their home. Others may work or study overseas and lose ties with their home church. Membership fluctuates as does attendance at Sunday services. This may cause some concern, but of greatest concern must be whether we are producing disciples or just operating in maintenance mode.

The priority of a church is to live out and proclaim the Gospel of Jesus Christ. Anyone who comes close should be given the chance to hear the Gospel and trust Jesus as Saviour. After conversion comes the hard part: nurturing converts into disciples of Jesus Christ who go on making disciples who make disciples who make disciples who make disciples etc, etc. In each disciple, we work to produce a likeness of Jesus, which in turn attracts others to be like Him.

This diagram above is a spiritual template which can guide us into becoming faithful and fruitful disciples as commanded by Jesus in Matthew 28.19, 20 - the Great Commission. We want to see each disciple developing certain Kingdom-building traits. Christ-centredness, Word-filled, prayerful, enjoying genuine fellowship, witnessing in word and action and demonstrating obedience to Christ.

God is always faithful to us, but we must learn to be faithful to Him, to daily walk with Him in Word and prayer. This vertical dimension needs to be balanced by a horizontal - we also need other believers for mutual encouragement, and of critical importance, we must be fruitful witnesses, sharing our faith with nonbelievers. Christ is at the centre of our lives, and our obedience in all these areas causes the “wheel” to move us forward. Each of the 4 “spokes” must be equally emphasized otherwise the wheel will wobble awkwardly. May each worshiper at BCC grow into spiritual maturity in these ways and help others to do so.

Pastor Graham

BCC Vision

“Like a tree planted by
streams of water,
which yields its fruit in 

(Psalm 1:3)

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